Saturday, January 2, 2010

Creating a Time Capsule

Over the past several months, we've renovated both our kitchen and our entire basement. The reno has included a complete gut job in the basement, and a significant tear-out in the kitchen, which included pulling up the existing floor and installing a new subfloor. While ripping up the kitchen floor, we discovered a newspaper clipping from 1929 (a girlie magazine from the 1950s or 1960s was also discovered, but that held much less appeal for me!).

I plan to frame the newspaper scrap (and it really is a fragile scrap). I would like to display it together with a photo or two of a section of the concrete sidewalk half a block from our house, which has the street name and the year of its installation (1912).

What does all this have to do with a time capsule? Well, as part of our kitchen renovation we left a 1 foot square section of the drywall open so that we could run new wiring/cable to the second floor. I'd like to create a time capsule which I'll insert in this space before we seal it up.

So, I'm looking for ideas of things to include. My list includes:

- current photos of the house
- current photo of our street and of the downtown skyline
- front page of the newspaper
- grocery receipt
- photos of the newspaper scraps I found along with an explanation (perhaps this post)

What else should I include? I would really appreciate any suggestions. Please post your comments/suggestions.


  1. I love your headboard! If you get a chance check out the headboard I made using an old fireplace mantel it's title "Guest Room Redesign. I've become a follower and looking forward to following you on your journey of making this house your home.

    Have a wonderful day.

  2. Thanks Gail -- yours is great too. Love the creativity and boy did you score some great deals!

  3. Obviously you need to put a photo of you and Uncle Steve in the time capsule!
    Love the blog by the way...very classic!


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