Saturday, May 8, 2010

In Praise of Clematis

If you're familiar with my blog you will have noticed the photo on the top right with the words "my beloved clematis". It's a photo of one of my flowing/climbing clematis I had in the garden of our last house.

I became quite a fan of these ambitious little climbers at our last house, as they provide an important vertical element in the garden.

Though a perennial (not annual) most clematis feature a long blooming period, or alterntively bloom twice per season. They come in a variety of colours and petal types as the photos above(from my last garden) can attest. They also have the added benefit of doing well in partially shady parts of the garden.

Last year I picked up some small plants at Home Depot but I fear they may not have been well enough established before they were planted to survive our cold winter and my dog's attempts to bury her bones.

And so I was delighted to pick up "Rouge Cardinal" at Costco yesterday:

My new plant is already about 3 1/2 ft high, has a large root ball and already has some flower buds. I'm thinking of planting it in the front yard against the house (to the left of the front window), to soften the corner. I think the red blooms will be a nice contrast against the dark blue of the house and will also tie-in nicely to the red of our front door:

What are you planting this season?


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower. I've enjoyed scrolling through your past posts.

    I love the look of clematis. There are several families in our neighborhood who annually have it growing up their mailbox. It's a charming look.

  2. I'm so glad you visited...and thanks to Canadian Cottage!! Your blog is lovely.
    I love the architecture of your beautiful.
    I LOVE clematis but can't get it to grow well here in central California. I think it's too hot. I planted some David Austin roses this year. They just started blooming this week and look gorgeous!
    I love the first picture of your "idea garage". I think that style would look great with your home.:)
    I've enjoyed browsing through your blog. Have a great weekend!! :) ~ Jo

  3. So pretty. Also looks like you have a fun project ahead in designing a new garage. Love the inspiration photos you picked.

  4. I need your mailing address as I seem to have misplaced it from our Christmas files !!!! email me your email address if you get this msg ......

  5. What is the name and brand of your paint color?
    I just love it and would like to do something similar.


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