Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sparkle and Light

What do you get when you combine hot water and vinegar, sunshine and a crystal chandelier? Answer: an amazing display of sparkly light.

This weekend I took on the job of cleaning my crystal light fixtures/chandeliers (and my windows).

It's amazing what a difference a little cleaning can make.

Here's my front hall fixture -- all shiney and new.

And here's a shot of the fixture (and popcorn/stippled ceiling) that were here when we bought the house:

Bedroom fixture - before (when we bought the house):

...and the replacement fixture (a second hand find), after this morning's cleaning (view from my bed and from straight-on):

And finally, here's my bathroom fixture (a vintage piece which is a real pain to clean, I might add):

Springtime, sunshine and shimmery crystal/glass -- what could be better?

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