Sunday, March 14, 2010

Basement Bathroom - complete!

Well, I promised to post the after shots of our basement bathroom.

Unfortunately, the installation of the frameless glass shower was completed in two sessions(with a two week delay in between) becuase one of the glass panels was warped and not discovered until the initial installation. Who knew that glass could wamp? I gather that the high temperatures involved in tempering the glass can cause warping. Anyway, it was worth the wait. We're thrilled with the result. The finished product is spacious and bright and is being well utilized!

We didn't install heated floors in the bathroom, but we did install a heated towel rack which we can always take with us if we move. I purchased it on-line from Home Depot.

Please ignore the green painters tape beside the vanity. We still have a few finishing touches including hanging a knob/ring for a hand towel by the sink, hanging the mirror above the sink, some paint touch-ups (hence the painters tape), and some sort of window covering.

PS: In case you're wondering, the inset medicine cabinet is actually above the toilet (not the sink) as the framing/plumbing above the sink prevented us from installing it there (it would have been off centre above the sink). I don't mind though because the light bounces from the window off both mirrors and helps keep the basement bathroom bright.


  1. The natural light from the window and frameless glass shower really help it the space feel larger...


  2. You've done a great job! The bathroom looks great. How nice that you get natural light down there too.


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