Sunday, March 14, 2010

Let there be light

I can't believe it's been two months since I last posted a message on my blog. How time flies.

In my defence, we've had a lot going on -- finishing off the basement bathroom and basement media room, the kitchen and the office. But before I get to that, since it's a beautiful bright sunny day and because I'm overdue in responding to Terri's recent post on Windlost, I thought I'd cover the topic of lighting.

She was considering the purchase of a Hudson Valley Fixture which we purchased last summer and installed in our front hall (albeit in a different finish/colour). We love the way it casts beautiful shadows on the walls. Imagine my surprise when a follow-up post from her about lighting included the chandelier we installed in our dressing room last year!

We have actually replaced all of the lighting in the house --- unfortunately any "vintage" pieces that may have existed at one time had been replaced with 1970s or 1980s brass fixtures in most cases.

Our dining room fixture was our most important/expensive decision. There was much debate about whether it was too big (it is large!). However, given the open feeling of our main floor and the high ceilings, I think it works. The five light option wasn't nearly as dramatic and it would actually have been more expensive than my on-sale nine-lighter.

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  1. Finally just caught this post!! Sorry I was not around before. All the fixtures look great - I love the little chandelier from Home Depot and also like the Hudson Valley fixture, although I think I will go in a different direction from that. It is a great fixture.

    Great job and thanks for posting these photos.

    xo Terri


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