Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Great Cover-Up

No, I'm not talking about the latest political intrigue or corporate malfeasance, I'm talking about wallpaper.

I feel as though all I'm blogging about lately are projects I'd love to tackle versus finished projects. Lord knows I have enough unfinished, post-reno projects to keep me busy for some time!

Well, you can blame it on Spring Fever (or being busy at work); whatever the reason, I have lots of ideas but little time to bring them to reality.

So...please bear with me for one more project on my to-do list. I present to you my thoughts/plans for using this great British-made wallpaper I purchased on-line (and on sale) from Home Depot a couple of months ago...

My intent is to use it for this little niche in our bedroom (photo taken during our early renovations...seems I don't have a current photo).

I also intend to use it to line some drawers (similar to this night table in our guest bedroom):

I'd love to use it on an actual wall but my husband is quite opposed to the idea. I guess it's becuase he has spent more than his fair share of time over the years patching, prepping and painting walls in three separate homes. The idea of wallpaper (and potentially having to strip it at some point in the future), makes him crazy.

So, what are your many uses for wallpaper?


  1. Hi, I found your blog through Life in the fun lane and had to pop in and say hi. I'm a new blogger and am really enjoying it.

    That wallpaper you ordered is gorgeous - i really want to give wallpaper a try very soon. I can't wait to see the after pictures - I am going to follow your blog because i know its going to look awesome and i don't want to miss it.

    Come over for a visit sometime

  2. Oh this is very timely for me, I'm thinking about using some wallpaper in our hallway but I will probably end up just painting it white! This wallpaper is gorgeous, I was really surprised by all the beautiful patterns at Home Depot. I also love the look of wallpaper lining drawers, and I have some on the shelves of my daughter's changetable. I like the look of it backing a bookcase or hutch as well. Also, I was considering the removable wallpaper the apparently just peels right off when you change your mind!
    I couldn't find your email but thanks so much for your comment and I wouldn't mind at all about the beskirt. Have a wonderful day

  3. That wallpaper is very pretty. I'm getting ready to wallpaper my bathroom and can't wait to see how it will look. Thanks for the idea to use it to line drawers with, too :)


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