Sunday, December 27, 2009

Can Toilets Be Interesting?

As part of our basement renovations and development, we added a new 3 piece bathroom, complete with all new fixtures.

While shopping for all things plumbing/fixture-related I started thinking about our upstairs bathroom (see photo). We have plans for this bathroom in the future -- i.e. moving the toilet over a little toward the wall, boxing-in the plumbing stack (!), repainting the walls, and replacing the flooring).

In the meantime, the existing toilet is an on-again, off-again leaky water glutton (13 ltrs) and the City of Calgary's rebate program (for switching to a low-flow model) was an added incentive to make the switch now.

I've long been a fan of the Vintage bathroom style, which I think is in keeping with the age of the house, and compliments our existing clawfoot tub and pedestal sink.

Ultimately I selected Kohler's Memoir Series, round-front, comfort height toilet. It has a solid chrome flusher, and I gotta say the comfort height makes a difference!. And, it's low water consumption (particularly when compared with the glutton), has a feel-good factor.

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