Saturday, December 26, 2009

Project Headboard

I came across this headboard at a garage sale. Not exactly the look I was going for, but it had "good bones". It also looked like it would be relatively easy to re-upholster. And, since I didn't have a headboard (and always wanted one), what did I have to lose by trying. (Answer: about $95 when all was said and done).

I found some fabric in the discount bin at my local Fabricland, along with some inexpensive cording (trim). My next stop was Canadian Tire where I purchased a relatively inexpensive electric staple gun (as I knew I couldn't do this by hand).

Step One involved separating the faux wood trim from the particle board/foam/upholstered board (as shown in the photo). Fortunately, that was easily done... it just involved the use of a cordless drill.

Next I grabbed my can of Fresh Start primer and set to work priming the "wood" trim. Then I gave it two coats of paint, and was time to get out the fabric and staple gun.

This required a little help (and became a Thanksgiving weekend project with my Sister and Mom). We laid out the new fabric on the living room floor and plunked the existing piece (still upholstered) right on top. We carefully, and evenly, stretched the fabric from side to side, stapl ing as we went. Next we stapled the cording to the (now painted) wood trim. The final step involved screwing the two pieces back together. Easy peasy.

Hubbie and brother-in-law grabbed their power drills and in no time flat this rescued beauty found a new home at the top of our bed.

Before the headboard

(The wall colour looks much darker than it actually is).

Then we added a cute little reading light (purchased at what is probably my favorite store in Calgary -- Honey B's, and my work was done.

Final after photos to follow once I re-charge my camera!)

This is what the room looked like when the house was owned by the previous owners (also no headboard):

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