Saturday, December 26, 2009

Quest for a House

Let's just say that buying a house in the Spring of 2008 probably wasn't our smartest-ever financial move. Of course, we didn't know that a global recession was a few months away, and we were unjustifiably smug in the knowledge that the Calgary real estate market had already peaked the previous summer, so we were getting a deal, right? Besides, we needed somewhere to live and didn't relish the idea of having to move once to temporary housing and again to a permanent home.

So, we were on-the-hunt. While hubbie favoured new (he'd endured two previous renovations), I was pining for an old fixer-upper. After two failed attempts at a house purchase, we finally scored this beauty (ok, so beauty is in the eye of the beholder). Yeesh you say. Well, once past the front door, things improved somewhat.

Besides, we knew we could improve the curb appeal, and were inspired by homes like these:

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