Saturday, December 26, 2009

Kitchen Cabinetry: Check

While we knew we wanted a traditional white kitchen, we still had to decide on lay-out and cabinetry design...

For that we turned to IKEA. In our minds, IKEA provides real value for money. Their cabinetry is good looking and warrantied for 25 yrs . It's also much less expensive than other suppliers since you have to assemble them yourself. Admittedly, that's no small feat. While I was able to look past the original kitchen to visualize the final look, I was virtually paralyzed by the assembly instructions. Fortunately I had some help.

But I'm getting ahead of myself...

Step 1 was coming up with a design. I downloaded IKEA's Kitchen Planning tool and set to work. I especially liked the 3D feature which allows you to see the finished design from all perspectives.

We quickly made the decision to eliminate the peninula that gave the kitchen a "C" shape and restricted the traffic flow.

We chose Lidingo (shown above) as our cabinet door style (mixing solid panel and glass panel fronts on the top cabinets) as we thought it would be the best choice -- architecturally-speaking -- with our 1913 house.

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