Sunday, April 4, 2010

Finishing Touches

Thought I would share a couple of finishing details from our guest bedroom, including a close-up of both sides of the luggage tag I referred to in my last post. I love the side with the beaver which reads "Canadian Pacific Steamships Tourist". Unfortunately, the handwritten details recorded on the label have faded away (i.e., I can no longer read the tourist's name and destination), but it does say that the tag is "Printed in England". I'd love to know the age -- I'm guess-timating 1950s (anyone have any better idea??).

The little sign on the bedside table provides a big boost to my B and B theme.

The wire shoes hint at a guest in residence (perhaps my travelling tourist from the 1950s)...


  1. I was wondering about the luggage tag! SO NEAT! And I love those wire shoes -- how did I miss those in the last post?


  2. Gorgeous - I love everything. I will be right over. : )
    Love the beaver tag. What an inviting room!!

    xo Terri

  3. If you can make out the ship, passenger or destination name on the tag on the suitcase this site maybe of some help to find out more information.

  4. What a lovely room, looks so inviting and comfy! The pillows on the bed are gorgeous! Thanks for dropping by my blog!


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