Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tea time

Perhaps it was my upbringing in Victoria, B.C. (which prides itself on being the most British place in North America), or memories of drinking tea with my cousin as a youngster at my Gramma's (she was Scottish), but I love tea and all-things tea related.

Don't get me wrong, nothing beats a good cup of coffee (esp. in the morning), but tea is the romantic, soothing counter to coffee's bold urban-chic personality.

(photos by TimelessStyleDesign, of the store window at Fortnum & Mason in London, UK and the Orangerie at Kensington Place)

With that out of the way, the purpose of this post isn't really to sing the praises of these's to talk about tea cups and their many uses...
I have a collection of unmatched turquoise tea cups which I have on display.

I also have some mis-matched tea cups/saucers in my garden (used as garden ornaments/bird feeders)... this one is in my front garden:

This past Christmas I used tea cups as Christmas ornaments (as all our ornaments were in a storage pod off-site due to our home renovations). This idea was taken from the photo (apologies to the photographer as I failed to label the source when I saved the photo).

Other ideas:

Tea cup as candle holder (Martha Stewart)
Tea cup for flowers (unknown)
Tea cup for jewelry organization


How are you using your tea cups in unusual ways?

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  1. Your turquoise cups are gorgeous! I've just started collecting mismatch china for dessert plates and I love it.
    Happy Friday to you and thanks for visiting me, you have a lovely blog!!


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