Friday, April 2, 2010

Welcome Friends and Family

One of the first projects we took on after buying our house was the removal of a bump-out closet in order to accomodate a queen sized guest bed and convert what had been a child's room into our guest room. I know, I know, it's shocking and almost scandalous to remove a closet (I hope my real estate agent will forgive me), but given that we moved half way across the country, leaving friends and family behind, it was important to us that our new house could accomodate visitors (and a single bed just wouldn't cut it). So, out came the sledge hammer and the reciprocating saw...


Hubbie took on the nasty job of demo-ing the closet (I say nasty because of the old blown-in insulation that dropped from the ceiling while he was doing it). He then patched-up the plaster/drywall and we painted the room before the new hardwood floor was installed.

Of course the removal of the closet created a storage problem for our future guests. Enter the the armoire. I wish it was an antique, but it was part of a set we bought about ten years ago (yeesh, a set, what was I thinking??), so our former TV cabinet was repurposed as a wardrobe for visting guests. Truth be told I keep my extra bed linens in it when guests aren't staying with us.

I made the headboard out of a panel door I purchased at my local big-box hardware store (I still plan to add some crown molding to dress it up, but the renos have pushed this project to the bottom of the list). I found the side lamps (with marble bases) at a flea market (they just needed new shades), and I added in a number of flea market and vintage-inspired finds to complete the look. Check out the tag on the old suitcase...the suitcase was a wreck, but I couldn't pass it up given the tag.


I love the idea of pampering our guests so there's a bit of a B and B theme, as you can tell(complete with mini toiletries I've collected on some of my business trips).

So, our little B and B is open for visitors.


  1. I love the suitcase!

    I always think it's lovely when people take the time to make someone feel welcome in their home. It goes beyond a pretty place to stay or an impressive McMansion -- it shows that you care enough to provide the personal touches that will make someone comfortable and cozy. Very thoughtful!


  2. I love this room - looks totally wonderful - your house looks like a character home from the windows - do you live downtown?! You did a wonderful job and love your night stands and everything. xo Terri


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