Sunday, April 18, 2010

Head Bored?

At the risk of putting you all to sleep with yet another blog post on the topic of headboards, I had to share the following...

While looking through my electronic collection of photo ideas, I found this photo which I had saved sometime last year.

My sincere apologies to the creator of the headboard/owner of the image -- I saved this photo before I started this blog and didn't note the details of where I found it ...

Any-who... with this as inspiration, I plan to enhance my existing guest bedroom headboard, which you'll recall looks like this:

I had always intended to add crown molding to the top of the headboard, but I was in a rush to mount the headboard the day before my sister was coming for a visit. However, I think the real genius of the inspiration headboard is the side posts -- they are the added detail required to give it some visual weight/presence.

So...this one goes on the list too (so much for crossing items off of my to-do list!)

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