Sunday, April 11, 2010

Inspiration Found

Source: Brick City Love

Honestly, what did we do before the internet and blogs?

I'm currently working on my Third Bedroom Timeless Style Design: Shame, thy name is: Third bedroom and as part of my plan, I had intended to paint the headboard in a chabby chic style. However, while reading through some blogs this morning, I came across a fabulous project (with all the How To instructions) by Brick City Love.

This is the headboard I'm working with...

While it lacks the curvy outline of her headboard, I think that once I paint it, the cross hatching at the top of the headboard will provide similar visual interest.

I made-over the headboard in our master bedroom -- Timeless Style Design: Project Headboard and Timeless Style Design: Project Headboard - Revealed! --
but I love the button tufting of her design...

I'll need to wait 'til the weather warms up to take this on (since it includes painting), but this one goes in my ideas/projects file!

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  1. Hi LA! Congratulations on doing such a beautiful job! Is your middle name "talented"? You have truly made your home "one of a kind". I hope your design journey continues to inspire and excite you. xx Delta


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